“Be yourself. Everyone else is already taken.” — Oscar Wilde


The Million Word Challenge: Writing 1,000,000 Words in a Year.


million words challenge

The challenge? Write 1,000,000 words in a year.

Starting date? 11 August 2015.

Rules? How? Why? What? Where? Explained in this rambling blog post.

Commentary? On my blog, of course – how else will I get to a million words?

See all the updates here as I go!

How’s it going so far? Here’s a visual representation::

Or, more specifically (updated every Monday):

Content for this siteContent for other projectsPaid writing gigsTotal
This Week
(Updated Every Monday)
1555 words16876 words112 Words18543 words
This Month (September)3479 words30156 words112 Words33747 words
Total Year-to-Date57232 words106050 words2250 Words165532 words

**UPDATE: I’ve decided to change the framework for this challenge, in order to free up some time to have a life. A million words in a year, while achievable [I got through 80 days and 200,000 words], is crazy.

Instead, I am going to keep in the habit of writing, and providing updates, in a less strict framework – hopefully this will enable me to actually get better as a writer.**