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Million Word Challenge: Day Seventy-Seven


Today, we made the epic trek from Guzelyurt to Goreme; about 2 hours as the crow flies, but a touch longer when you catch three public buses with two intermediate towns in between.

I might write more extensively on the experience at some point, but suffice it to say we were pretty proud of our efforts; despite the fact that we encountered a grand total of zero people with any English ability (and no tourists at all!) we didn’t make any directional mistakes, we arrived with our kidneys and our baggage intact.

And we saved quite a bit of money, in comparison with the cost of a hotel transfer. That money will be applied to fresh orange juice.

In the afternoon, we camped in a local cafe/restaurant with decent food, fresh juice and a mostly stable Wi-Fi connection. In fact, we stayed there all afternoon for a work session that encompassed lunch, dinner and drinks in between. It was nice to get some real work done, for the first time in over a week.

I didn’t write that much there though; I left the bulk of that for my sorry self to complete in a dusty armchair in our hotel room. It was a strangely comfortable and productive experience, though, I have to admit.

During the day, I managed to eke out a hefty 298 words for my Aunt’s web project that Mel’s been kindly leading and then, in the evening, I added 2555 words to the tally by fattening out part 2 of my Kapadokya update. Good times. Between parts one and two, I’ve now got it up to 7,400 plus words. I hope it’s entertaining; otherwise bloody nobody is going to want to read that.

This update is 302 words, which will count towards day 78.

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