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Million Word Challenge: Day Seventy-Nine


I may have to post this up on day 80, seeing as the internet connection in our room here is letting me down in all kinds of fun ways.

It’s been a decent day for writing, with the bulk of it complete by mid afternoon.

But it’s been an even better day for exploring – we got up bright and early and climbed a hill on the edge of town here to watch 80 or so hot air balloons cruise past, gracefully and expertly, at 7 o’clock.

Later in the day, we explored up around the other side, where it turns out there is a lookout on top of one of the cliffs, with a cafe that has pretty reliable Wi-Fi. Of course they do, right? It makes total sense.

The view up there is unbelievable. The closest analogy I can think of is the surface of Mars. It’s an incredible sight.

So onto the words, then:

I did provide a legal opinion to a friend of a friend for free; I don’t like to get into the habit of it, but for certain people I make an exception. This constituted 343 words, but every little helps, as my Great Grandma was fond of saying.

The remainder of the words were adding some body to the Berlin Coffee Guide; that was 2188 words for the good.

This post is 245 words long, for a daily total of 245 words.

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