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Million Word Challenge: Day Seventy-Eight


Heya folks

You probably have a decent idea already what many of my words today are going to be. However, I’m going to run through it here, because that is what I do in these updates.

So, the small surprise is that I wrote 950 words of updates for previous days today.

In addition to those, which finally brought me up to date here (sorry for the delay), I have finished my second Kapadokya post, which contributed 448 words to the mix.

Finally, I got to start a project that I’ve been excited about writing for a while now, and which I really want to get through before the memories fade: “The Coffee Snob’s Guide to Berlin”. That’s my working title anyway.

On that project, I’ve already powered through 1210 words.

This post is a total of 143 words, which makes for a daily total of 2751 words.

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