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Million Word Challenge: Day Eighty


Hiya folks.

A huge apology from me; Mel and I have been travelling through a bunch of places lately and battling some pretty hard core sleep deprivation and jet lag.

Today would be day 90 of the Million Word Challenge, but instead I’m finally posting up a bunch of blogs I’d written before and, below, what would be the update for day 80, but until today I’d lacked the energy and time to post.

I hope it doesn’t disappoint anybody; for me, it’s a liberating step!

A new day, a new dynamic (and a major change)

I have been working for the last 80 days towards a grand goal; in my attempt to write a million words this year, I have sacrificed sleep, social events, relaxation and, at least to a certain extent, other (more important) work.

I feel like I have lost track of the purposes for which I commenced this challenge – at least in part – because, despite my best efforts to be organized and prepared and write as much as possible as early as possible every day, life just doesn’t always allow that kind of a regimented approach. Especially when you’re traveling.

I’ve been wrestling with this for a while – a sense that, better focused, I could use the time I presently allocate to writing huge amounts of content to write less, but have a greater impact with what I do write through better planning, strategy and conceptualization.

But it’s clear to me that I can’t do both – I can’t write 3,000 really good words a day and also do all the things I want to do in our businesses, and have time left over to have a life.

It’s a bridge too far.

Instead, I’m going to try and approach things more smartly. The million word challenge, and its updates, will remain – and I hope to have some more insanely productive days in terms of words written, but I am going to drop the one year time line.

Instead, my focus is going to shift to committing more effort to quality over quantity, mastering a craft over producing output for the sake of it, and hopefully being able to do more of the things I want to do, but haven’t, because the words are more difficult or will take longer to write.

At the end of yesterday, I had written a total of 192,636 words as part of this challenge; I feel pretty good about that – an average of 2,438 words per day across the first 79 days.

From now on, I will write regular updates (I’m not sure if they will be daily) but the focus is going to be on work with a purpose. No more writing to fill up blank spaces on a page. And it will all fit within a bigger plan; that, I feel, is the piece of the puzzle I’ve been missing.

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